199. I DID IT! Time to Celebrate.

I'm so excited right now I'm shaking. SHAKING! After nearly two years of late nights, five rewrites, an interesting experience with a freelance editor, I finally finished my book! I believe it's finally at a place I am comfortable enough to send to a literary agent in the query process.

Oh my goodness! I'm hanging from the ceiling right now.

Writing books is something I've always wanted to do. ALWAYS. Every since I learned how to read I knew I wanted to pen books just like the ones I read. I wanted to write something my young self could relate to, something that would appeal to the students who I teach every day.

photo credit: Bianca Moraes

photo credit: Bianca Moraes

I don't know what else to say besides it's such an amazing feeling to actually accomplish something that you've always wanted. I know some people are sick and tired of me walking around talking about my unfinished book. Not anymore. I can finally say that I'm right where I want to be!

Today, I'm going to celebrate my small success. Granted, I have other work to do and I know there's a long journey ahead, but overall, I'm going to take a moment to celebrate! This is the most amazing feeling, and I want to savor it. 

When we stop to savor the small wins, we receive energy to keep us moving toward our next goals. If we waited until the big things happened in life, we probably wouldn't feel all that great about ourselves. But, it's not about doing something big. It's about the small wins that add up to those big moments.

Break your big goals into smaller chunks, accomplish them, and celebrate your small successes. The amount of energy you'll get from that feeling will motivate you to lay out your next set of goals and reach them, too. 

Time to celebrate!