190. From Mediocre to Master

I was mediocre in my former life. Granted, I always felt like a high achiever in some aspects, and I've always been intrinsically motivated. Nonetheless, I was still mediocre.

Being mediocre meant that I still made excuses, procrastinated heavily (even though I may have eventually gotten a job done), quit when I felt like it, slept a lot, watched TV and lounged when I felt like it -- basically twirling my thumbs when I could have been working.

But, this is where it gets interesting.

Although I expressed mediocrity in my past, I was still able to achieve some level of achievement. Some.

Being mediocre meant ending up on a national television show (as terrible as that experience was for me), getting into and finishing college, helping a court TV show win an Emmy, and even getting my teacher's certification.

Now, if I was able to be mediocre and make achievements in life, then what will it look like becoming the master? What will it look like with 10,000 hours under my belt in my writing craft? (I honestly think I'm at the 10,000 mark now). What does it look like with less sleep, more work output, and a defined purpose?

It's looks like a win. It's almost scary to believe in myself to the point where I say: "How can I lose?" 

Many of us have made declarations to change the past versions of ourselves. We made a vow to abandon mediocrity -- oversleeping, making excuses, being controlled by others, worrying about minor things, quitting. 

Once you put into the atmosphere that you're ready to grab life by the horns and move into the directions of your dreams, the moment you decide to put one foot in front of the other and don't stop moving, you will have no choice but to arrive in the land of wins. 

Abandon mediocrity and become the master.