168. Listen With Your Heart; You Will Understand.

I tend to find symbolism in everything. I've been that way every since I can remember. I know for a fact when I was younger, I was certainly captivated by the messages and themes in the movie Pocahontas. Now, as problematic as that movie's content is, there is one part that gets me every time. It's the scene where Pocahontas receives wisdom from Grandmother Willow. 

Pocahontas tells her that she's having strange dreams of a spinning arrow that suddenly stops. Grandmother Willow responds by saying:

The spinning arrow is pointing you down your path. Listen. All around you are spirits. If you listen, they will guide you.

Listen with your heart; you will understand.
— Grandmother Willow from 'Pocahontas'

Listening to this part to this day sends goosebumps up my arms. There's something so poignant about that message. It cuts deep to the core. It's a message that's telling us to stop being busy for a second. Stop moving around so much. Stop being so anxious, and let a spirit within you move and guide you to your destiny.

I believe that we all know what we want to do in our subconscious minds. I believe we have this non-communicated and unspoken path that we know we must follow, but some of us are just not obedient to the calling. This is why Les Brown says that the richest place on earth is in a graveyard. Too many people died with billion dollar dreams still incubating in their hearts. 

Stop making so much sense, Les!

Stop making so much sense, Les!

It's the truth. I believe we need to let this unseen force move and guide us into the place we were destined to be. It's the freedom that we are supposed to have, the fulfillment that we're supposed to experience. The only way we're going to get to that point is if we follow the truth of our hearts and do not ignore the prodding that happens on the inside of us.

Every answer you've ever searched for has always been within you. Listen with your heart. You will understand.