166. What You Search For is Within You

I had a jam-packed weekend. From a football camp to a baby shower to a graduation recital, I found myself pretty productive over a couple of days. Not to mention, I was still able to finish editing a course and post blogs. As busy as I was, I enjoyed every minute of it.

Among the activities I did over the weekend, one of them was going to see Guardians of the Galaxy 2.

Now, let me just say that I have mixed feelings about going to see movies. There are days when I feel conflicted about sitting around spending my time watching the manifestation of someone else's dream when I could be working on my own. But, I digress. Besides, it was a movie matinee with the hubbs and I was determined to walk away with a lesson I could take with me. 

Boy was I right. Some of the movie's themes were sacrifice, family, friendship, and purpose. One particular quote that stuck out to me was:

The thing you’ve been searching for all your life has been next to you all along.
— -Star Lord of 'Guardians of the Galaxy"

There was something about that quote that struck a chord within me. Some days I can get so obsessed with achieving my dreams and getting that personal freedom that I don't stop to realize the great things I already have. The things I've been desiring and searching for has been within me all along. 

As I attended my nephew's football camp or my friends' festivities, I realized that the best things in life are really the simple things. Laughing with your friends, playing games with your family, watching a young boy transform before your eyes, enjoying a movie with your spouse. I didn't need a million bucks to experience joy; it was inside of me all along. 

As you're working hard toward your goals, take some time to stop and enjoy the blessings you already have in your life. You'll begin to see that some of the things you've been searching for -- peace, joy, happiness, fulfillment -- has been next to you all along.