165. Laser-Focused

I've been receiving a consistent message for the past few days. What's funny is that the message has come from various, random sources, but it's been the same word. The message is: Focus on one thing. 

  Photo credit: The Quotable Coach

Photo credit: The Quotable Coach

I realized that the reason why I never achieved the level of success I've always desired was because I was trying to do too much. I was trying to enter fields and dominate areas that weren't my lanes. It wasn't until I became laser-focused in my writing that I started to find the peace I was desiring.

Some of us are all over the place. We want to write, teach, speak, edit videos, play around with graphic design, coach, be a fitness and beauty guru, etc. We become a jack of all trade but a master of none. 

It's time to stop being all over the place and get laser-focused in ONE area. 

laser focus.jpg

What is that one thing that you do well? I'm not talking about the several things you kind of do okay. I'm talking about the one area that you feel is your gift? Whatever that is for you, focus on that. Immerse yourself in your craft. Working consistently in one area guarantees expert status eventually if you do not quit. 

For me, it's writing books. I prefer fiction books, but writing is writing. I love to do it. It's a passion. It's a hobby. It's a lifestyle. It's a dream. I write every day without fail. I write when I feel like it and I write when I don't. Even if it's a few sentences, I have to string them together. It is a daily habit that I'm proud to have.

Yes I teach and design courses, but my main goal is to write. To have my freedom every day to do what I love would be a dream come true.

I wrote all of this to say:

Get laser-focused. Concentrate on one area. Dominate that space. Don't waste your time and energy doing a bunch of activities that won't advance you to the next level. It's time to be the master.