189. Lifelong Learner

I've always prided myself on being a lifelong learner. It's one of those things I try to instill in my students year after year.

In my classroom, my students are not allowed to ever use the words "I'm done." I teach them on the very first day of school that there is no such thing. No one on this earth is ever done with anything until the day they no longer exist in the physical form. There's always something to learn, always new information to consume that will elevate us to a new place in life.

I still believe in that message as an adult. Some people believe that once they reach a certain age that they've learned all they've needed to learn. They may have this misconception that being "out of school" means they no longer have to seek knowledge and apply it to their every day lives.

Not true at all. Learning never stops. And, if one chooses to make the wise decision to keep their head in a book, study the footsteps of those that have come before us, or even challenge themselves to acquire a new skill, the amazing gift that life will reward them will be abundant. 

As I'm sitting here buried underneath piles of research for querying literary agents, structures for perfecting synopses, assembling information for a course I'm currently designing, and listening to speeches for a copywriting assignment, let's just say I feel at peace. I know that all that I'm learning is strengthening my mind for what's to come. It's preparing me for greater things ahead.

This is how I know I can't lose in life. I'm willing to understand, research, figure out, know. And, although that may lead to lengthy thinking sessions, it gives me a sense of awareness and satisfaction to discover the meaning to something.

Therefore, I urge you to be a lifelong learner, or as fellow BU member and amazing businessman Matthew Flores says: "Be an extreme student."

Learn as much as you can, because you never know when the information you've acquired will help someone out. You never know how your research, study material, and reading list will prepare you for something you were meant to do in this life. It all starts with that one concept: Becoming a lifelong learner.