188. Slaying Dragons

Exciting days lie ahead. Busy days, too. While most teachers are rejoicing about the summer break, their vacation/travel plans, and upcoming binge watching sessions, I'm strapping on my seat belt. I have this strange feeling that things are about to get interesting. 

For me, this is my last week of teaching. It's also a week that I'll be pitching my first round of literary agents for my debut novel. I've been e-stalking agents (I know, creepy right?), and I'm buried up to my neck in research. 

I've also been working on entrepreneurial activities as well. I've been working with clients for my startup e-learning business, attending conferences, and writing like crazy. But you know what? I'm enjoying every minute of it. 

Whenever you make the decision to step out on a limb and pursue a lifestyle that speaks to you, the universe will respond with opportunities on your doorstep. But, it's not enough to make a decision, you have to act. 

One of the most powerful tools we have as rational human beings, besides the ability to transform ourselves by the renewing of our mind, is the ability to dream dreams and see the manifestation of our intentional action.

Although I've wanted a writing career and business for years and years now, I can honestly say that this just feels like the right time. The words are pouring out of me, the accumulation of research and knowledge is coming in handy, and I'm no longer thinking myself into the ground -- I'm just putting one foot in front of the other and slaying one dragon at a time.

What dragon do you need to slay? What part of your life are you playing around with and not putting in enough work? Think about what you want to accomplish this week, create an action list, and check off one item at a time. Those small steps have moved me from one place in my life to another -- a satisfying journey. 

Let's continue to slay the dragon. This week, and the weeks to come, I will have my hands raised in victory.