162. Someday We'll All Be Free

If you're not familiar with the late Donny Hathaway, the best way to describe him is musical genius. He was brilliant, talented, creative, and passionate when operating in his gift. He was also a father, husband, and -- still is -- a certified legend. However, his phenomenal musical legacy that he built in his short 33 years of living is often overshadowed by his struggles with mental illness. 

Mental illness is not the focal point of this post, (albeit I do believe it's a taboo subject that needs to be discussed more with real conversations that provide empathy, support, and knowledge.) The reason I bring this up is that even in his struggle, I get a sense that Hathaway used his gift of song to bear his heart to the world. We all need an outlet; music was one for him.

One of my favorite songs of all time is "Someday We'll All Be Free" by Hathaway. Just listen to it. You can feel the emotion, pain, purity, and fragile hope dripping through the song.

 Click on the picture to listen.

Click on the picture to listen.

This song threatens to choke me up every time I hear it. For one, the songwriter Ed Howard once said that the song was inspired by Hathaway. Howard commented that he wanted Hathaway to be free from the battles he endured.

Secondly, I connect with this song because I think about its significance. I think about what it means to be free. I think about the multiple meanings that this song take on. I think about how many of my ancestors never got that chance to experience to feel freedom. I think about my own quest of achieving personal freedom. 

If we really and truly believe that we can be free one day, and I mean the type of freedom where you can wake up, decide your day, find release from your heartaches and struggles or at least find healthy ways to help you positively cope with your troubles, I believe life will be as sweet as it was designed to be.

Although I believe life is already sweet, someone out there may need encouragement. Allow me to echo Donny Hathaway:

Take it from me, someday we'll all be free. 

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