186. Pace Yourself

I can feel the tiredness creeping up on me. I can feel it behind my eyelids. But, it's the type of exhaustion that -- oddly enough -- I'm enjoying. Why? Because I know I'm producing materials that align with my dreams. 

I just finished self-editing the opening chapter of my debut novel. I cannot believe I'll be done with the 5th rewrite of my novel in just a couple of days. It's been a long journey, and what's amazing is that the journey is just beginning.

So many wonderful opportunities are falling into my lap that my mind is just going in circles. I'm so blessed, humbled, and thankful for the direction that God has given me. And I won't be surprised if in one year from now I'm prospering in all my writing endeavors. Like I heard life and relationship coach Kevin Hansford say at the Greatness Awaits conference: "When you proclaim something, it starts coming."

The moment I put my dreams, goals, and visions into the atmosphere, something began to happen. Things started to come to me. 

I'm no longer chasing my dreams; they are actually pursuing me. 

With all of the many blessings I've received over this short time -- meeting some great people, making awesome contacts, getting assignments -- I do understand there are limitations to being a human. As much as we would like to be the superheroes in our own lanes, we can only do some much. This is why it's necessary to pace ourselves.

In the quest of going after the things we've always wanted, we must remember to take care of ourselves. We must keep in mind the importance of pacing ourselves so that we do not become overwhelmed.

Schedule yourself some time. Recharge your spiritual batteries, and don't forget to pace yourself. Carrying too much of a load in a short amount of time can break you down. We need you lifted so you can serve the world as the best version of yourself. 

Don't rush, don't get overwhelmed. Pace yourself.