182. Don't Leave Your Destiny in Someone Else's Hands

An interesting thing happened today. At school, there was a bright orange paper lodged inside of every teacher's mailbox. It was the kind of paper that would instantly get your attention. So, I grabbed it, and my eyes fell on an interesting message. At the top in bold letters it read:

Because your job depends on it!

The letter proceeds to inform me -- and everyone else -- about a house bill being voted on in Texas that could potentially cut funding from public schools.

Now, there is an interesting, on-going debate about public school vs. school choice, but, that's not really what I want to discuss here. I want to talk about that message above. The message that basically told us that if we didn't do something, we could be out of a job.

It made me think. We cannot control every circumstance or situation. We cannot control who will like us, dislike us, or what issue may arise. But, we can choose to take charge of our own destiny.

I don't know about you, but I don't want anyone holding so much power over me that they can determine whether I eat or not. There are so many people who depend on their job so much that they don't have a backup plan. If it was taken away, they wouldn't even know what to do with themselves. I don't want to fall into that category ever again. I know what it feels like. You feel powerless. Worthless. Incompetent. Disposable. Truth is, you're the opposite. 

You are capable, creative, intelligent, and resourceful. There is absolutely nothing that you can't do. However, if you believe that the only way for you to feel safe is to have a "secure" job that can keep you afloat for an x amount of years, I would advise you to tread lightly. Nothing is guaranteed. We must take charge of our lives, continue to sharpen our skills, and find more opportunities to capitalize on. 

Therefore I say to you: Don't wait until your back is up against the wall to make a move. Start taking tiny steps right now to gain your independence. Work on your craft. Develop your skills. Get a hustle on the side. But, whatever you do, don't leave it up to someone else to decide whether or not you eat.