181. The Jealous Spirit

Someone lied to us. We were sold this fantasy that life is supposed to reach a level of perfection. That somehow we were eventually supposed to arrive at a destination where we would be without spot. Without error. Without trouble. It's not true.

Photo credit: Jennifer Kirkland

Photo credit: Jennifer Kirkland

So, what makes some of us think that other human beings have arrived at this point? What causes some of us to take on a jealous spirit, where we feel animosity toward others because of a perceived perfection?

Life is already hard. For everyone. Let's not think just because someone is celebrating a success on social media, gets a deal in a certain industry, or wins an award does not make that person exempt from experiencing the realities of life.

Behind the makeup, behind the smiles, behind the photos are humans with real emotions. But, why can't we see that? Why are there moments when we get caught up in harboring negative feelings toward others?

I get it. We all want to feel special in some way. We all want that feeling of being accepted. Of being honored and remembered. But, have you ever considered that if you operate in your gift and appreciate others in theirs that your inner satisfaction will drive your joy and peace? That means you won't feel the way that you do about someone else out here grinding their way to their dream or goal. 

I've written about this topic before in the post Stop Comparing Yourself to Other People. However, I think it's worth mentioning again.

I believe a jealous spirit forms in a few ways. It forms when:

  1. We do not believe we'll reach our fullest potential.

  2. We do not believe that there is abundance in the world for everyone, and that we can all live and thrive in our respective spaces.

  3. We still hold on to feelings of rejection from early experiences.

  4. We do not value the beauty of ourselves and what we can offer to the world.

Think about a young girl walking into a classroom. She's pretty, wears nice clothes, has a great talent like singing or dancing, and everyone adores her.

Then, there's another student. She doesn't get much attention at school or at home. She hasn't explored her own gifts, and she doesn't necessarily feel beautiful inside or out. Therefore, to express her conflicting emotion about not feeling good about herself, she takes out her insecurity and bitterness on the girl who she feels has everything. She goes out of her way to be rude, mean, non-supportive, and other negative adjectives.

Little does she know that "the girl who has everything" is going through her own challenges at home. Does the "jealous girl" know this? Of course not. She does not know her story or attempt to get to know it. She just assumes that the other girl's life is perfect when it's not. She could actually use another friend. And maybe if she found out her story, she'll see that she has many things in common with "the girl who has everything."

I may have used school-aged children as an example of the detriments of jealousy, but there are even adults who have yet to put away childish things. There are adults who, right as we speak, can probably find themselves in the young person projecting their own hurt feelings onto someone else. 

When you sit back and think about it, the negative reaction that we may have towards others who may "have it all" is irrational. As I've stated previously, life is already hard. It's hard for everyone on the planet. EVERYONE.

We are in a world where we must find ways to survive every single day. We live on a planet where peoples' lives are seen as disposable. We live in a world where cruelty exists no matter how sweet and kind you are. Where people thrive on negativity and feed on the goodhearted. 

So, why make someone else's life difficult? Could you imagine someone trying to sabotage you? Could you imagine someone hating you for simply living and breathing? Could you imagine someone trying to destroy you simply because they have not reconciled a part of them that's been destroyed by someone else?

There is a reason why this saying exists: Hurt people hurt people. Well, you know what? Healed people heal people, too.

It's time to put away childish things and rid your body of the toxic spirit of jealousy. We must celebrate others, find value in the human experience, and uplift each other as we continue to live in a trying world.

Everyone that we have ever looked upon, believing that somehow they were exempt from life's challenges are in need of prayer, too. We all are. The difference is, some people are able to handle challenges in healthier ways. 

Like I heard someone say once, you have to be able to cry in the shower and smile in the office, and a lot of us haven't learned that many do cry in the dark. We don't know what people are going through, even those who seem like they have it all together.

We're all in this together. Celebrate lest you fail to be celebrated. Love lest you failed to be love. Be mindful of the energy you put into the universe. Put away childish things and uplift one another.