179. Sniffing at Every Distraction

Some posts ago, I wrote a post called Lion or Mouse. The post introduces my study of the book The Motivation Manifesto and jumps into the opening statement about how we live as timid mice instead of courageous lions.

The second paragraph of the opening chapter continues to explore the mouse/human parallel and gives examples of how we live our lives as rodents satisfied with the crumbs of life. One example Burchard uses is the following:

We must look squarely in our own tired eyes and examine why we waste so much time sniffing at every distraction.
— Brendon Burchard, 'The Motivation Manifesto'

Just think about a mouse for a second. I know some people would rather not because they might not necessarily like mice. Some people may think of them as pests. But, isn't it funny how we can embody things we may dislike ourselves? 

One of the few images that comes to mine is a mouse going from one location to the next scurrying and sniffing around for food. Because, why else do they exist right? They are organisms trying to survive. But, mice aren't always the brightest. And sometimes they can fall for the bait, the trap that is disguised as nourishment. 

It's a trap, ya'll. Turn around. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200.

It's a trap, ya'll. Turn around. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200.

Many of us do the same. We ignore the signs. We are so busy hunting for the next grand opportunity to put us over the top that we willingly walk right into a trap that keeps us bound. Or, we find ourselves sniffing at every distraction that throws us off course.

We start sniffing around on Facebook, Instagram, and everywhere else becoming distracted by what other people have and what other people are doing. We get caught up in the trap of salivating over someone else's success -- or perceived success -- that we don't stay focused on own goals and dreams.

Too many of us are distracted. Some of us need to downright unplug. It's time to morph into the lion, willing to get up every morning, get on the prowl, stay laser-focused on our target, and eat what we kill.

The moment we start sniffing in areas we don't belong -- the distractions of social media, binge watching shows and movies for hours on end, or entertaining futile or negative conversations -- we'll find ourselves in a trap, or poisoned by the distractions around us.

Stop sniffing at every distraction. Get focused. Get intentional. Wake up with purpose in your heart.