178. Speak Up

I can breathe easier now.

Being an overthinker can do strange things to you. Instead of working hard on your assignment load, one can sit around creating destructive images in their mind about various subjects. That's nothing but irrational fear. And, it was all over me. 

Here I am at the cusp of living out my dreams, and I'm about to sabotage myself. I'm about to back away from the things I've built because I'm scared I'll get locked in one spot, like a bear whose paws have been pierced by the sharp metal of a trap.

Instead of envisioning myself as being free in the wild, to roam, to explore, to love, to experience, I felt like I was walking into a cage. That I was surrendering to the hunter before he fired his rounds at me. It was all due to my own thinking.

Sometimes we're a victim of our own thoughts. But, that's only because we allow it to take charge of our mind. All it takes is one simple action to get burdensome weights off our shoulders. If there is a misunderstanding somewhere, speak up. Get clarification. Don't put thoughts into your mind that you haven't even verified to be true or real.

In every relationship, business arrangement, or opportunity, the one thing that will take you very far is communication. It's so cliche to write this, but communication is key. And, if you're not willing to stand in your truth and speak your heart about where you are in life, what your expectations are, and the resistance that threatens to throw you off course, then you're not ready to grow as a human.

Communication, especially truthful, heart-felt communication, can be scary. It can leave you vulnerable and make you feel like conflict is on your heels. But, it's not the truth. The resolution is behind you; you just have to turn around and say something.

I believe if more people spent time thinking about how they are going to tactfully and truthfully communicate their concerns, comments, and fears, then I feel more people could be successful in their own journeys. You're not only communicating to other people about the way you feel, you're communicating it all to the universe. You then attract the energy you put out into the atmosphere. 

That's why I believe we should speak our heart, stop running away from conflict, or allowing unspoken tension to fester into something it wasn't designed to be. This life is not designed to make you comfortable; it's designed to help you grow into the human being you were designed to be -- serving people effectively with your God-given talents and phenomenal will.