161. What I Learned When Molly Quit Teaching

I was in the gym doing squats and listening to Dr. Eric Thomas yell at me about being "All In." That's when I accidentally looked up at the flat screen hovering above me. I saw a moving picture that actually made me smile. 

The television was on a local station, and the show Mike and Molly was playing. Mike and Molly, a show about a teacher and cop in Chicago, was one of those shows I actually used to watch on my binge watching days.

The episode that was on just so happened to be one of my favorites. It was an episode that I remember so clearly in 2013. I watched the season 4 opener, and I remembered how it changed something inside of me. Not to mention I was at a current crossroad in my life at the time.

In the episode "Molly Unleashed," Molly is in an elementary classroom. As she is giving instructions she realizes that she doesn't hold the desire to teach anymore. She desires to follow her dreams of becoming a writer. 

Molly proceeds to make a dramatic exit, forfeiting her benefits, comfortable salary, and safe life. She exchanges this all for something scary, risky, and life-changing. Although she goes through a period of confusion and wonders if she should get her job back, she follows her heart. She fulfills her dreams of becoming a writer. In later episodes, she even gets published and her book does well. 

When I first saw this, I had just dealt with a period of uncertainty myself. I experienced a downsize at a school I was teaching at, and because I was the last hired, I was the first fired. This show came on right in the midst of the entire adventure, and I actually wondered if that was God speaking to me.

"You need to get up and start chasing after what you really want out of life. Don't hold back. Go for it."

Yes, I eventually went to another school, but that still voice never left me. I knew that I was not going through these feelings for nothing. That's when I began to write. That's when I began to get serious about my goals. 3 years later here I am -- blogging regularly, about to be a best-selling published novelist (speaking things into existence), while being a person full of joy and peace.

Don't ignore the signs around you. When it's time for you to make a life-changing decision, everything around you will conspire to help you to achieve your goals. Shows on television will give you a message that you need to hear to get started. A stranger will say something in passing that will motivate you to action. Whatever it is, don't take the message for granted. 


Watch for the signs. Listen to your heart. Stop worrying about playing things safe. You only have one life to live. That's why we can learn from Molly: fulfill that desire burning on the inside of you.