176. Obsessed

I have a one track mind. If I'm focused on one thing, it's terribly difficult for me to just switch it to something else. I literally just spent a good 2-3 straight hours breaking apart lessons to prepare for the following school year. That might sound a bit insane, but I'm working on designing a few educational programs. It's essential that I take this information and find a way to use this skill to help teachers. But, when I tell you I get obsessed, I get OBSESSED.

I'm not talking about 'I'll stalk you to and from your job', creepy obsessed. I'm talking about 'locked into my work, eating, breathing, sleeping, don't disturb me while I'm working or lasers will shoot out my eyes at you' obsessed. 

All I know, is that when you're locked into your craft, it's an indication that you enjoy what you do. I just love a good project. I enjoy reading, creating, designing, and writing. I love taking a concept and turning into something phenomenal. I like envisioning a blueprint and seeing it transform into something tangible. 

I believe the zone that we find ourselves in while doing meaningful work is a form of prayer. God has blessed us with the ability, and when we exercise that ability, especially when we're working to help others, I believe our prayer is giving back to him what he gave to us. 

Get lost in your work. Enjoy yourself. Love your craft. Allow it to love you back. There's nothing wrong with being obsessed at what you do. It's called a meaningful investment of your time. It's called living.