170. All the World's a Stage

So, the Houston Rockets lost. Elimination game. Home court advantage and they STILL lost. No heart, no drive, no 120% BEASTMODE mentality. It's quite unfortunate when you think about it. But, you know me, I had to find a message in the loss somewhere. 

There comes a time when a big stage will test you. This test will separate the wheat from the chaff, the men from the boys, the women from the girls. This test will also prove whether or not your mentality is in the right place. Are you focused on your goal or consumed by distraction?

When you become a student of your craft, when you immerse yourself and study it, one day you can become the master. But, a big part of the test comes on a big stage.

The manifestation of what you've sown, how you've practiced, and how bad you want something will surface. When you keep fighting until the end, when you put everything on the line, when you bet on you, losing is just not an option. It's not in the vocabulary.

Will we suffer losses along the way? Of course. That's what practice is for. We must prepare ourselves for the moment when the spotlight is on us and we find ourselves in the midst of action. But, when the lights turn on, you either empty out all the contents of your heart and soul or you don't step out and perform at all. 

If all the world's a stage and all men and women merely players, let those players put their all into what they do or let someone else in the game. This is not a metaphor for the Rockets; this is a message about life.

If you're going to half do something, don't even bother. It is better to wait on the sidelines and practice hard in secret, then to jump in prematurely and find your confidence and courage damaged beyond repair. 

Go in or get out. Period.