169. Dear Overthinker

I tossed and turned for the first part of my sleep. I tried to close my eyes but they popped back opened. My body was tense. I was jumpy. I could not relax. Something was weighing heavily on my mind that I needed to get off of my chest.

Just an hour or so before, I was busy searching literary agents. I found myself frustrated, wondering if anyone would get me. If they would understand my voice. My mind was going in circles trying to figure out the "right" hook that could capture my potential readers' attention. All that thinking prevented me from actually doing anything.

That's when I was given some much needed advice: Stop thinking so much. Step away from your project and let it breathe. Things doesn't have to be perfect; just get it done.

I am one of those people that have to be constantly reminded that everything is okay. The moment I start feeling tense in my body, I know I'm off track. I'm not focused, neither am I spiritually sound. Days like that, I just have to pull back, find an outlet, and take a break.

This leads me to speak directly to my overthinkers out there:

Dear Overthinker:

Everything is going to be okay. It will all work together for good. It may not seem like it at first. And your goal may seem far off when it's really not. You have to relax and trust the process. 

Get out of your head sometimes. Calm your nerves. Meditate. Detox. Dandelion tea is good for that. Exercise and stretch. Go for a walk. Talk with someone. Watch or listen to something inspirational. Do whatever you can to clear your spirit.

Whatever it is that you desire to do will happen. It may not always happen exactly as you imagined it, but it will happen. As a matter of fact, it will be even better than what you imagined it to be. 

Don't think yourself into the ground. Make a decision, act on it, and keep moving forward. Just don't become a victim of your own mind.