160. One Bite at a Time

When I was growing up, I mostly stayed at my grandparents' home with a total of 8 individuals. 7 of them were a mixture of siblings and cousins, and 1 was my grandfather who we called Papa (God rest his soul). One of my fondest memories of Papa is him at dinner time. 

Papa had this thing about piling our plate with food. His main phrase was, "There're kids in Africa starving." Although we knew there were kids starving everywhere, there were days when all the food was way too much to eat, and some days we would hide our leftovers in the trash. I wrote about this in Hot Like Fire. Although the story is fictional, there are bits and pieces that have truth to them.

Why is this story important and how does it connect to our journey to success? I'll tell you. I used to ask Papa all the time, "How am I supposed to eat all this food?" He used to reply, "One bite at a time." 

Papa was telling me that sometimes things may look overwhelming when it's first presented to us. Some days it may feel like we have "too much on our plate." But, if we take things one bite at a time, one step at a time, we'll be able to finish the course.

When it comes to a project, I have to break things up into bite-sized, manageable pieces. I go chapter by chapter, and with a slow, methodical process I assess the situation, visualize how I would like the finished product to be, brainstorm and create an outline, then write. It works every single time.

I challenge you today to not see your plate as being too full. I challenge you not to get overwhelmed by your tasks, to take one bite at a time. The more consistent and persistent you are in your journey, the more you are likely to achieve the goal or dream you've had since you were a little person growing up with dear ol' Papa. 

Until next time, take things one step at a time, one bite at a time.