138. When You Fear Your Passion Won't Pay

I believe that one of the biggest reasons why people don't go after what they want out of life is because they believe their passions won't pay. Many believe that if they step out on faith, invest their time and energy into their desires, that somehow they won't see a return on investment.

I used to think this. As a matter of fact, in my first year of teaching (2012), I remember having such a tumultuous year that I wrote an entry about what I wished I could be doing instead. I topped the entry off by writing that I had a fear my passion wouldn't pay, and I refused to be in lack. 

Here's the lesson that I've learned. Lack starts with mindset.

I understand that an abundance type of mindset doesn't necessarily pay the bills, but when you begin actually believe that you can have and do more, you'll start putting plans together to see your dreams come to fruition. 

The second you believe you can't, you begin to go through this self-fulling prophecy, where you sabotage yourself. Then, once you end up in lack, you go, "See, I told you. Taking that risk wasn't a good idea." No, that isn't it, my friend. Not believing you can actually achieve your goal wasn't a good idea. You're starting off in a negative state that attracts lack to your life.

I honestly believe that when you believe your passion won't pay, you don't play.

jackie robinson.jpg

It's kind of like a sport's game. You decide to be a spectator in the audience or sit on the sidelines because you don't want to get hurt. You don't want to twist an ankle, sweat too much, get bloodied and bruised, get humiliated when you lose, or feel down when you've made a costly mistake. 

However, have you thought about what else you'd witness as a spectator? You'd probably witness those same people work hard, fight through their trials, perfect their craft, practice as much as they can, and achieve victory. You'd witness their standing ovations, their opportunities via scouts, their championships, their travel opportunities, their endorsements, and more. By sitting on the sidelines, you don't get the glory of watching your hard work manifest. You have given up before you've gotten started. I've written this to communicate the following: 

Change your mindset about your goals in life.

Work toward them. Don't throw in the towel. Don't allow frustration to override you. Don't believe you're supposed to arrive in a short amount of time. Operating in our calling on a full-time basis takes time and energy. If you really want it, you'll be willing to endure all to see it come to fruition. 

Your passion will pay, so play. Get in the game.