136. Sunshine After Rain

Right now, I'm grooving to the sounds of Frankie Beverly and Maze. If you have no idea who this is, it's quite okay. Just mosey on over to YouTube or click here and listen to the song "Joy and Pain."

Joy and pain are like sunshine and rain.
— "Joy and Pain" by Frankie Beverly and Maze

Not only will it instantly put a smile on your face and make you bob your head until it feels like it's about to roll right off your shoulders, but you'll probably notice the beauty of its simple lyrics. Just take a look:

Remember when you first found love how you felt so good
Kind that last forever more so you thought it would
Suddenly the things you see got you hurt so bad
How come the things that make us happy make us sad
Well it seems to me that

Joy and pain are like sunshine and rain...

Don’t it seem we go through life going up and down
Seems the things that turn you on turn you around

Over and over you can be sure
There will be sorrow but you will endure
Where there’s a flower there’s the sun and the rain
Oh and it’s wonderful there both one in the same

Joy and pain are like sunshine and rain...

We all have our days. The days where we feel on top of the world and those days we feel like we've crashed and burned. I know both feelings all too well. I know what it feels like to be excited about something new only to be burnt out by the same thing months or years later. We're talking things like a new job, new project, new opportunity.

But, I've also noticed a pattern. Just like there is a calm before a storm, there are clear skies after it, too. That lets me know a few things:

1. Storms don't last always.

2. We can't always avoid storms.

3. Storms are not just negative occurances; they help things to grow.  

4. Storms can be damaging, but if we stay prepared and take care of ourselves and loved ones, we'll be okay. We'll see the beautiful rainbow once it's all over.

I've realized that when I'm really going through a challenging time, a time when I may feel pushed to my limit and can feel so tense that I want to give up, I'm always amazed at the days that immediately follow. The funny thing is, every time I deal with a difficult situation, challenge, trial, or tribulation, it turns out something good is around the corner.

Clear skies. Sunny days. Growth. Change. Positivity. It's like Spring time -- the season of new life --  manages take charge in life. 

I said all of this to say: There will be sunshine after rain. The storms of life, although they come and go, they never stick around. It's okay to experience your emotion, but don't wallow in negative reactions. Pick yourself up and move on. There's good things around the corner. 

As Joel Osteen says, "Your greatest difficulty is right before your greatest victory."

greatest victory.png

Be victorious.