135. When You're Close to the Edge

I feel like I've reached a breaking point. I went to work today experiencing a great deal of resistance. The moment I walked in I said to myself, "I don't want to be here." It was a type of energy that surrounded me that didn't mesh well with my spirit. I wanted out!

     Photo credit:  0Four  (via flickr)


Photo credit: 0Four (via flickr)

Now, don't do what I did. Speaking negatively in the atmosphere has a way of manifesting in our reality. But, as I continued to move throughout my day and dealt with one stressor after another -- the same type of stressors that probably put me in the hospital months ago -- I knew I was being deliberately pushed to the edge. 

Too many of us are complacent. We're too comfortable in our current position and we haven't found the courage to step out of that stability to explore the passions that we have deep inside. That's until something causes us to fully commit to our life goals. But, we need to make the choice. Are we going to make the decision for ourselves or will something force us out?

I think of it in this way. Imagine you're standing on a cliff. You look at the world underneath your feet and notice the incredible distance to the bottom. You know if you were to fall it would more than likely damage you permanently, or maybe even kill you. You know you have to get off the cliff but you must make a decision between two options. 

For one, you could decide to jump on your own. It may be scary for you to make such a huge decision but you believe you can soften the blow by being prepared. You attach a parachute to you, carry a survival bag, or throw down some sort of cushion to catch you below. The key here is that you're prepared. It may be scary to jump but you feel a little bit better about taking the next step.

Then, there's the other option. It's the option no one wants to experience. You could be pushed from behind. No warning. No preparation. No planning. You are simply blind-sided by an incredible push from behind that causes you to fall and hit rock bottom.  

To me, the jump may seem scary, but if I'm prepared -- or like Eric Thomas says, "If I stay ready" -- I would more likely be empowered from the risk I took by jumping. I also would more likely be destroyed by my fall if I was pushed unexpectedly.

Am I saying that we are going to be prepared for every single situation in our lives? No. Not necessarily. But, we can prepare ourselves for the journey along the way. We can make a decision to prepare and take risks to see elevation in our lives. 

What's funny is that I also heard some news at the job that  was interesting. Since enrollment seems to be dropping thanks to nearby charter schools, some spots may be erased. Why would that be funny? Because I've experienced that before. I may make this post a part-two entry because that was a life-changing moment all in itself. 

I said all of this to say, I know for a fact that I am being pushed to my limit on purpose. I am being forced out of my comfort zone. And, I am determined to be prepared for whatever comes my way. 

I will be victorious because I am victorious. I am more than a conqueror.