159. Are You Willing to Go All In?

I used to quit everything. Cheerleading. Dance. Basketball. Band. Tennis. My accounting major in college. You name it. I quit it. Here was one of the biggest mistakes why I quit everything I tried. I saw other people who excelled in a certain field, and because they made it look so easy I thought I could do it, too. Then, when I didn't find the same success right away, I would quit to save myself from embarrassment. 

The funny thing is I used to whine and complain about not having a gift or talent. I never thought I had something that I was good at. I wasn't "special" like everybody else. I even overlooked the most obvious thing -- my writing and creative ability. But no, I trivialized it. I believed everyone had those same abilities. 

Then, I grew up. I didn't just grow older in age, I actually grew up. I matured and began to see life for what it truly was. I began to see the importance of valuing my gifts and talents. I also realized something:

Those people that I envied for being so good at what they did, wasn't just born extraordinary. They worked for it. They sacrificed something. They studied. They went "all in."

I really never knew the value of sacrifice when I was younger. I didn't know what it meant to stick something out. I didn't understand the concept of going "all in." Because I was one of those kids who just caught on to things so quickly and wasn't really challenged in school, I carried that same arrogant, lackadaisical mentality: I'm supposed to get this right away. I was told that I'm smart. Therefore, if I don't "get" something right away, then obviously it's not for me and I have to move on.

But, I learned how awful being a habitual quitter was. I learned that you literally have no roots. You don't have a foundation, no stability, nothing to show for the lack of commitment. I think the worst thing I could've ever done was quit something on national television. Quitting before the whole world definitely made me out to be the girl who couldn't be trusted, dependable. I was the quitter. 

Times are a'changing. I realize that the only way I'm going to achieve my life's dream is if I stick things out and keep pounding the pavement. I must keep moving in a positive direction and adopt consistency if I want anything of substance. Blogging daily helps me with this. Working on Hot Like Fire helps, too. Tinkering around with various projects while holding down a full-time job is another component. 

We all have our underdeveloped strengths, but along this journey we must ask ourselves, what are we willing to change, do, act upon, or commit to in order for us to get the personal freedom we desire? How willing are we to go all in? Even if it gets tough or uncomfortable, are we willing to stand in the ring of fire and come out with a victory? What are we willing to sacrifice? What kind of time and effort are we willing to put in?

What I know is that I am "all in." I know that if I want anything of substance, I have to be willing to fight for what I desire. No one is going to hand me anything. And, I won't magically achieve any of my goals if I constantly quit things all the time. 

It's time to go all in. What's holding you back?