155. Check Your Ego at the Door

It's time for some of us to get our ego in check. It's running our lives and --at times -- ruining our lives. Ego, or "edging God out," is a negative state where we're ruled by our emotions, our selfishness, and where we make impulsive decisions based on finding comfort in uncomfortable situations.

One thing I've learned from reading an eye-opening book called, "How To Win Friends and Influence People," by Dale Carnegie, is that everything is not about us. We would be much further along in our networks, in our careers and businesses, and having more enjoyment in life if we learned that it's people first not our pride. 

The interesting part is that our ego -- the all about me mentality -- will lead us to an irrational, impulsive, decision that could negatively effect us, and we'll look for confirmation from questionable sources to validate our decisions.

I can think of so many examples of this one: telling off a coworker or boss, not attending a family member or friend's event because "you didn't feel like it," getting into vain arguments that prove to be futile, always believing yourself to be right, etc. What do these actions prove except that small children are locked on the inside of us, begging for the center of attention?

It's not about you. Your ego lies to you and says that life is all about you. Because of this, you shut out other people and opportunities. You haven't learned to check your ego at the door and to realize that our decisions, actions, and thoughts must aligned with a giving, selfless, loving, supportive, empowering nature.

If we do not align with the goodness of life, and we begin to resist what's right, our ego will run our lives into the ground. We will alienate those we love and magnify problems with those in which we disagree.

Check your ego. Service above self.