154. The Power Hour

I've been locked and loaded. For the past week or so I've really turned up the heat with editing my book. Now that I can feel myself approaching the finish line, I feel like it's time to up the ante. I've been immersing myself in my craft, reading and writing every day, finding time to knock off items off of my to do list. 

One thing I've found that has been working for me is what I like to call a "Power Hour." For at least one hour a day I go all in. I'm locked into my space and I give everything that's within me. I use the day at work to meditate and visualize the scenes I want to write so by the time I go home, it's practically falling out of me. 

Most people claim to not have enough time to work on their creative projects or side hustles. But, I can assure you that one solid hour of being immersed in your gift over the course of several weeks can result in a finished project you've always wanted. 

Whether it's before or after your day job, finding the time block to dedicate a minimum of a solid hour on your tasks can make a difference in your life professionally. You'll start to notice that hour turning into an hour and a half and seeing it stretch to two or three extra hours of work. 

Stay focused. Keep your head in the game. Find the time to work on your work and figure out what you can eliminate from your routine that's taking away from your hours of productivity. We all know that saying, "What a difference a day makes." Well, replace the word "day" with "hour," and you'll start to experience life on a different level. 

Lock in.