151. Transformation

I think one of the most impressive and satisfying aspects about life is a human's transformation process. It's so amazing to witness a person making such a significant change in their life that they are all but recognizable. 

I feel this way about teaching young people. It's incredible how in 8 short months, a student can go from being shy, quiet, and reserved to talkative, a leader, and outgoing in class. It's also a mind-blowing thing when a student who may have behavior challenges, change into a student who has slowly unlearned those unsavory habits.

As we continue to grow, live, learn, and love, we'll start to notice how we will begin to transform into the person we've always wanted to be. We won't talk or think the way we used to, neither will we have the same mindset. We will transform from a caterpillar barely inching along on a branch, to blossoming into a butterfly flapping its wings to another dimension. 


We've all had to unlearn some unsavory habits we've picked up along the way. We may have had to let go of some people and mindsets that we've held onto. But whatever the case, we are living a transformed life. And, being transformed makes life worth living to its fullest. 

If there's an area in your life that you haven't found that peace, joy, or fulfillment, I challenge you to identify areas in your life that can use some change or work, and take small steps every day. Transformation will be inevitable. 

Make the change.