150. Make Adjustments

The same time every day, I felt drained. My students were wired and math time was like a daily root canal at the dentist office. I couldn't understand why my mornings would go so smoothly and my afternoons would make me a hot, flustered mess. Then, I started to pay attention. There was a reason why my afternoons were consistently off. 

photo credit: Kailash Gyawali

photo credit: Kailash Gyawali

Instead of whining and complaining I took note of why the students seemed to be all over the place. Why they couldn't stop talking, fidgeting, staring off into space. The culprit? Lunch time. Because I was taking a lunch break the same time they were, I wasn't noticing how they were transitioning from one place to another. I didn't know what conversations took place, who was doing what in the hallway, and who was being disrespectful. 

That's when I decided to make adjustments.

I decided that I would end lunch a little early to show up inside the cafeteria and see what they were up to. Something happened. I noticed that being in their presence completely changed their behavior and energy. I caught the restless, rambunctious energy before it entered the class. Now, math time is beautiful.

photo credit: eltpics

photo credit: eltpics


There's a lesson to be learned here. Yes, we all have challenges that bug us to no end. Yes, we get frustrated with day to day issues. But here's the thing, don't whine, complain, and make excuses about them; make adjustments. 

Identify the problem, take a second to analyze what's happening, find a solution, then implement it. Is it simple? It's easier said than done like most things. But, I promise you, taking the extra step to solve problems and make necessary adjustments prove to make all the difference.

So, what's bothering you? What are you complaining about? What seems to be a challenge that you just cannot seem to shake? Once we identify the issue, we must come up with a plan we can actually put into practice to see change.

Things will get better. We just have to take small steps to deal with our challenges, instead of allowing them to defeat us. 

Be victorious.