148. How to Free Yourself From Worry

You're worried about something. I know it. I can feel it. And if you're not worried at the moment then you've been there before. You had to face that unresolved conflict at work. You had to deal with an angry family member or customer. You've ran away from that test you've failed twice. You've been afraid to step out on faith because you're worried about what's going to happen. 

The truth of the matter is, the more we fret over a day or moment that isn't even here yet, we ruin the present moment. We are unable to have peace in our lives because we're so busy inside of ourselves making mountains out of molehills. We blow up small issues into big ones, which causes more negative feelings. 

There is an English proverb that says, "Worrying is like a rocking chair. It gives you something to do but you don't go anywhere." It's truth. Running your mind into circles about issues you can either decide to find a solution for or drop all together, does nothing but causes anxiety.

Anxiety is like a prison. You feel caged, afraid, low, broken, and unable to enjoy life. Anxiety also begins to express itself in your physical body. It can cause headaches, panic attacks, chest pains, and more. 

We were not put on this earth to be chained by our fears or worries. We were designed to live a full life, free to live, free to love, free to explore and experience. Why rob yourself of that through ruminating thoughts of negativity?

Next time there's something that threatens to send you into worry mode consider this:  

1. Breathe. This seems so cliche, but sometimes we just need to take a step back and have a series of intentional breaths. What I mean by intentional is that we need to close our eyes and hear ourselves breathe. We need to feel our chest rise and fall, to know we are alive and that we have the power to make decisions.

2. Find a solution. Every challenge has a solution. That's essentially life. We are wired to be problem-solvers, so it doesn't mean you won't have any issues. It just means you'll be challenged to find a solution. 

3. Speak your peace and move on. Don't dwell in negative thought or in the situation. Say what you need to say or do what you need to do and move on. 

4. Get active. Many people underestimate what a little Vitamin D from the sun and a little physical activity can do to calm your nerves.

5. Pray. It changes things. 

Don't make the choice to be worried. Whatever the challenge, find a solution for it. Tell yourself that it will be solved and that peace is more important than any problem. You got this.

I choose peace.