143. Keep It Simple

Anyone who knows me can probably tell you that I have a lot of hair on my head. Actually, it's getting out of hand. It swallows my face if I unleash it, so I normally wear it in a bun or occasionally get someone to braid my 'fro (like in my avatar). But, every now and again I like to switch it up.

 Me a few years ago. I think my hair has doubled this amount.

Me a few years ago. I think my hair has doubled this amount.

The day for a little switcharoo was today. I decided to go to a braid shop to get braid extensions. Because my hair was blow dried Diana Ross style, I was met with the usual onslaught of questions and comments:

 I was on my Diana Ross today.

I was on my Diana Ross today.


"Wow, you hair is so long! Is that all of your hair?"

"Why would you get braid extensions if your hair is the same length as the extensions?"

"How long have you grown it?"

Out of all of the questions I receive, there's one that gets me every time. The question itself doesn't bother me. The responses and reactions to my answer, however, is a different story altogether. 

The number one question I receive about my hair is: What did you do to get it so long? What is the secret?

I always tell people the same thing: There is no secret. Hair grows. I just don't do crazy stuff to it and I retain the length that grows out of my scalp. 


I get all kinds of dirty looks and people staring at me in disbelief like they believe I have some magic formula I'm not willing to share. Not true. I don't have juices and berries stashed in my knapsack. I don't deep condition in unicorn tears or have any crazy rituals. I just do what every other person does: wash, condition, detangle, moisturize, and seal regularly. I don't use heat often (I may straighten my hair once or twice a year), and I don't get my hair cut.  I also keep my hands out of it. I put it in a bun and leave it alone. THAT'S IT. 

Again, folks think I'm lying. They expect me to tell them what product made my hair grow to my waist and beyond, what treatment or supplement sped up my growth, and every other practice under the sun. What they don't realize is that the saying "less is more" is a practice I exercise. In other words: 

I keep it simple.

This reminds me of life in general. When we see people who've achieved greatness in life, sometimes we automatically assume that they're either super smart or have some sort of complicated formula that enabled them to get them to their grand destination. Just like I tell those people about my hair: there is no secret. Those people are taking simple, consistent steps every single day. These people are:

  • Waking up before dawn

  • Meditating or getting some type of exercise in

  • Reading

  • Immersing themselves in their craft

  • Learning their respective industries

  • Attending conferences

  • Hanging around other successful, like-minded individuals

  • Getting proper rest

  • Eating right and taking care of their body

  • Not giving up

They are doing all of these things and more on a consistent basis, and we're looking at their success as some unattainable feat. You don't have to be special, genius, crazy talented, or magical to achieve greatness. All you have to do is be willing to take simple, consistent steps, and everything you've ever wanted will be right at your fingertips. 

So, as I continue trying to convince people that I don't massage my scalp with raw seaweed fresh from the Gulf of Mexico, I'm going to leave you with this:

Life doesn't have to be complicated, neither is achieving your own standard of success . All you have to remember is to keep things simple and consistent, and you'll continue to move in a positive direction.