140. Filling the Void

I've been reading an inspirational book by my unofficial business mentor (he doesn't know he mentors me yet) and BU family member, David Shands. The book, Dreams Are Built Overnight, is David's account of how he bridged the gap between his day job, working at the Cheesecake Factory, and his dream job, creating a successful apparel business. 

 Photo credit: PinTheCity

Photo credit: PinTheCity

There is one part in particular that caused me to stop in my tracks. It reads:

Why do we hate our jobs so much? My best guess is that we all have voids inside of us that, if they go unfulfilled, we’re not truly happy.

What is your void? Identifying the void and filling the void are two very difficult tasks, and THAT is why you’re never happy at any job you work, no matter how much they pay you or how little you have to work for it.

Something needs to be done regularly to fill that void.
— "Dreams Are Built Overnight" by David Shands

This part punched me right in the gut because it's so true. Think about it. How many of us go from job to job or place to place in search of something more out of life? We initially believe our jobs will be the opportunity we need to elevate ourselves, until we run into what David calls "the evil spirit of frustration." When disappointment sets in, we continue this endless search running from one brick wall to the next.

He makes the argument that maybe it's something within ourselves that's causing us to be unhappy, and you know what? I agree.

The moment you start pouring your energy in your projects and seeing your day job as an investor, you won't view your job as a burden. Like David points out, you have to know why you're doing what you're doing. It will fuel you to keep going, even through the tough times.

I'm going to be honest. I was dealing with this exact same issue. You have one too many challenging days and next thing you know, you start looking for the exit. But maybe, just maybe, you're making it harder on yourself. You're viewing an opportunity as a burden and not a blessing

It's time to focus on what we truly want to do with our lives and being grateful for the place we reside at the moment. I appreciate where I am, and I'm going to make a better effort of offering the best of me. 

Until next time, work on your passions in the comfort of your home, and utilize every opportunity to be helpful and an asset in the workplace, or wherever you are able to humbly serve.