106. Your Gift Will Make Room For You

I am not competing. I know this seems like a strange statement, but it's the truth: I'm not in competition. I know what the rules of business say. Know your competitors. Stay abreast on the latest trends. See what other people are doing. But, I'm going to repeat myself: I am not competing. Don't get it twisted, I'm not scared to compete; I'm just in a league by myself.

I used to be the girl who felt like I couldn't do something because it was already being done. I couldn't make YouTube videos about natural hair because there were already so many girls doing that. I couldn't be motivational because the motivational game was on lock. I couldn't be a successful children's book author or have an impactful e-learning business because the market was "too saturated." 

That's when I realized something.

Just like there were authors in the 1600s, there are still authors today, and there will be more authors to come. Just like there were teachers since the beginning of time, there are still teachers now, and will still be new teachers to come. Just like there were musicians in the past, there are musicians in the present, and will always be musicians in the future. 

However, there's one thing that the past didn't have and the future won't include that you have right now: YOUR UNIQUE DNA. 

I love the quote by the late Dr. Myles Monroe. He says that your gift will make room for you. This means that although you may be a musician, writer, speaker, doctor, lawyer, entrepreneur, blogger, lawmaker, reporter, makeup vlogger, or whatever else, that's okay. Pursue what speaks to your heart. There's no such thing as market saturation when unique DNA, consistency, determination, and persistence is at play. In fact, consumers may just consider you to be the fresh air in the field you're entering.

So, I'll say it again: I'm not competing. Sure, there are many other great, talented, and forward-thinking people in my respective fields, but that has nothing to do with my abilities and what I can offer in my lane.

No one is saying not to familiarize yourself with your industry and the players in it; the point is to find your lane and run steadily in it. Don't look to the left or right of you, feeling bad that you are not where "so and so" is in their business, career, and life. All that will do is take away the energy you could be investing in your own projects. 

Pursue your gifts, don't be discouraged, and realize that there's someone or something you can be a blessing to. Always remember, Blockbuster DOMINATED until Netflix strolled along. You have something unique, fresh, and useful to the world. Don't shy away from it. 

Your gift will make room for you.