102. Be the Answer

I've been convicted today. After kicking, screaming, and resisting about returning to work, I received a word that shattered the resistance, changed my mindset, and made me look forward to my return.

If you didn't know, I'm a teacher and for three months I've been away due to medical reasons. Before I left, I felt pressure, stress, and an overwhelming feeling of being a part of a Title 1 school going through so many changes.

There's constant surveillance, micromanaging, and an overall low morale flowing throughout the school. Notice I didn't say anything about the kids. That's not the issue. With effective classroom management, any group of students can be transformed into a well-oiled machine. But, there's so many aspects of teaching that many people don't see.

 My kiddos

My kiddos

Most people think it's an easy job where you can show up at 8 o'clock in the morning and leave at 3 in the afternoon. It's not true. Most of the time I arrive at work around 6:30 and often times I don't leave until close to 5. Then, there's after school tutorials, parent conferences, behavior problems, duties, and the one thing I'm REALLY not the fondest of: meetings. 

When you experience things such as that, it'll drive anybody away from the public education system. It's no wonder the statistics state that most teachers quit within the first five years. But, like I said at the beginning, I was convicted. I was carrying on to God about how much I've enjoyed being at home, doing what I love to do: write, create, research, produce. That's when I heard this message by TD Jakes entitled "Lord, Make Me An Answer."

Not even 20 minutes in and my whole world was rocked. We're talking about my mind going through a complete change. In essence TD Jakes was saying how we're always looking to God for answers to our problems when in fact God designed and positioned us to BE the answer to the problems we see. Why didn't I see it this way before? 

He said instead of complaining about the problem to find a solution. In these solutions you become valuable. You build a business. You build a brand of being a problem-solver. What if I saw my job as an opportunity to be a solution and not to join in on the complaining? What if, with my creative mind and experience in instructional design and technical writing, I could help create solutions to help make people's day less stressful?

Imagine how much the retention rate would improve. All because one person made a decision to be an answer and not a problem. 

I am determined to be an answer.