128. A Body in Motion Stays in Motion

There was this commercial I used to see all the time. Although the commercial was advertising prescription drugs for arthritis, there was one quote that used to stick with me. It said,

"A body in rest tends to stay at rest, while a body in motion tends to stay in motion."

I have no idea how it happened, but I internalized that commercial. After hearing it several times, I started to notice on a conscious level that those words were absolutely true.

I've noticed that when I rise in the morning to tackle my workload for the day -- a full-time teaching job and a full-time dream -- I'm able to still be productive because I'm carrying the momentum from my active day job. I'm more likely to accept an invitation to run, workout, get on a conference phone call, or work on various projects because I'm already in a groove.

I can hear it already, "Don't you get tired? Don't you just want to go home and relax?"

Not at all. Unless I've had one of those long nights and I need to catch up on some much needed rest, I absolutely know that if I go home, throw my things on the ground, turn on the TV, and plop myself on the couch that I'm asking for unproductivity. Getting comfortable -- a body at rest -- will unfortunately lead to an insidious laziness that's counterproductive to the goals and dreams I have.

Isaac Newton was on to something with his First Law of Motion, and I believe that if we take our momentum from our early rises, work hard, take small breaks, and keep moving forward, I believe that we'll develop a work ethic that will cause a surge in our goals. 

isaac newton.jpg

Until next time: Stay in motion.