101. Striking a Balance

I write a lot about going after dreams, chasing destiny, and being immersed in a craft. But, there's one thing I must lay out as a reminder:

We must strike a healthy balance between our grind life and our family life.


This is not an easy thing to do, neither is it practical to give every aspect of your life an equal amount of time. However, it is essential not to lose sight of the very people we come into contact with every day. Yes, we want to use our gifts and talents to help others, but we also must give the most precious thing we have to the people we love most and know best -- our time.

I am not the greatest at this and sometimes go long stretches without seeing family members. It doesn't mean I don't think about them or that I don't care about them; it means that I get so wrapped in what I'm doing at times, that I unconsciously neglect certain people. 

Sometimes a simple phone call or spontaneous visit can make someone's day or reveal a dilemma that you might be the solution for. And then, there's the most obvious thing. We must cherish each moment because we don't know what the future holds. Every day isn't promised and we don't have forever in our mortal bodies as much as we like to believe. 

So again, be willing to give a piece of your time and talents to the people in your life in your quest of leaving your thumbprint in this world. The key is not to stretch yourself thin, but to strike a happy, healthy balance of life, grind, love, and family.