127. When Other People Succeed and You Don't

"When is it going to be my turn?"

"How did so and so get promoted over me?"

"What about me?"

"This person is how old and they have this, but I don't?"

"I'm tired of waiting."

"If so and so can do this, I can do it and probably even better."

Does any of this sound familiar to you? If not, then congratulations. You've learned the art of being patient, selfless, supportive, and other positive attributes associated with a person experiencing their life's journey. 

I get it. There are many people around you that may seem to be advancing in life far more faster or frequently than you are, and here you are, stuck. Here you are, struggling. Here you are scratching at the bottom. "When is it going to be me? Am I next?" you ask. Maybe. And maybe not. But here's the thing:

The more energy you spend complaining about your current place in life or fretting over someone else's accomplishments, the more you'll be discouraged. That means less time and energy towards your own goals, purpose, and joy.

I've recently written a post warning everyone about the dangers of comparing yourself to others. It's unproductive, derived from a place of jealousy and envy, and is a certifiable time-waster.

So, before you start spiraling out of control with frustrations of "failure," please take some time to think that:

1. You need skin in the game. You can't work for 1-2 years and expect a major return on your investment. You have to put your all into what you do. Get the help you need to strengthen your craft, and be honest with yourself about where you are.

2. Supporting people is so necessary. Not only do we gain a network of people willing to support us, but we put amazing energy into the atmosphere that eventually comes around. People support those who support others.

3. It's not always about you. As a matter of fact, it never was. That sounds so harsh when I read it back, but it's true. Our gift is not about us. It's about what we're willing to give away. It's about using our gifts and talents to serve others.

4. Being awarded or rewarded is not about being recognized and praised. We live in a praise-thirsty world and some people don't feel like they're worth anything if no one's "liking" them. Like yourself and keep moving forward. 

5. The time and effort you put into something is what you'll get back. It's not your turn because you haven't put in the time.

6. There is a time and season for everything under the sun. There is a reason why your path looks a little different and is taking a little longer. But trust, if you keep fighting for it, it will happen.

 7. You need to stay in your lane. There are things people feel like they can do "better" than someone else or they may say negative things about a person's accomplishments. Ironically enough, the negative person may not even be gifted in the area of the accomplished person. What does this mean? Know your strengths. Develop your confidence. Network with those with varying degrees of talent. 

I wrote all of this to say:

Support one another. Lift up your fellow man. Your time is coming. Until then, be happy for someone in their moment of celebration. It's not about you.