126. Time to Think

This is going to sound quite ludicrous, but today at work I spent 4 hours walking around in a circle. No, seriously. Today was standardized testing day, and I literally had 4 hours to walk around in silence, thinking.


I thought about where I was in that moment. I questioned what I was doing with my life. I rehearsed a plan in my mind -- a plan I've seen replayed over and over again. I foresaw all the hard work I would have to do. I envisioned what hard work paying off would look like. I wrote stories in my head. I thought of this blog post. 

Overall, my forced thinking session somehow moved me to act as soon as I jumped in the car to head home. Literally, the grind hasn't stopped at all since it began at 6 this morning. It is now 8pm and, well, I'm still writing. That gave me a revelation.

A lot of us don't get enough quiet time to just think. Think about where we are in our lives. Think about where we're going. What we're doing. Whether we're living our full potential or not.

I urge every one of you to take some time to yourself. Ask yourself important questions -- whether existential, career or family-oriented, health-wise, or spirit-related. You must take a self inventory to see where you are in life, to see if you're growing, going backwards, or just hitting a plateau.

This is your life to live and no one else's. All the goodness that you want out of it, you must think on these things. You must also come up with a plan to see it come to fruition too.

Until next time, get quiet, meditate on the goodness of life, and think about what you want out of it.