125. Achieving Harmonic Balance.

This post is not a cry for help. Quite the contrary. It's actually more of a word of caution. 

 Notice how the person is falling. Hmm...   Photo credit:  ☰☵ Michele M. F.

Notice how the person is falling. Hmm...

Photo credit: ☰☵ Michele M. F.

Before I get into the meat of this post, let me just say that this particular post is not for people who have trouble starting. This is not for the so-called procrastinators who need motivation to move forward and complete their tasks. Today, I want to address those folks who can't seem to keep still. Those people who keep piling up more responsibilities on themselves and haven't learned to be firm when it comes to saying no. 

So, let's go back. As many of you know, I've recently returned to work after a 3 month hiatus due to medical reasons. Although I'm technically in the fourth quarter at work and summer is not far off, I feel very much like it's the beginning of the school year. I don't know if that's just me being in teaching mode or if it's because my class is a bit disjointed getting back into the swing of things, but it's been pretty busy around these parts. Overwhelming at times.

Not to mention, when I get home, I am trying to give time to my husband, side projects, continuing to immerse myself in literature, and trying to FINALLY get this debut novel complete. I don't even know how I'm finding the time to do all of these things. And to be quite frank, I think I've underestimated how incredibly challenging all of this was really going to be. 

However, if I know one thing about my current self is that I will not give up. I am going to do what I can to achieve a harmonic balance in my life. No, I will not be able to give equal time to everything under the sun, but yes I will prioritize and do what is within my power to do. 

I am so grateful and thankful to God for all of my many blessings and the opportunities I've been afforded. I am reminded not to complain. I know that just a few short months ago I was struggling to just move around and walk. So, the fact that I'm up, moving around, and getting things done is a blessing in and of itself.

But, I know that I must tread carefully. I know better than to treat myself like an old Windows '95 computer with a full hard drive on the verge of a crash. I know I must delete some things out of my life, free up some space, and make sure I have enough time to fulfill my dreams. 

So, here's the word of caution: Be careful not to take on too much. If you spread yourself too thin you won't be able to give your very best in all that you do. Prioritize, rank your goal list and actionable items from most importance to least, and try to be mindful of how you utilize time. Also, make sure you are taking care of you. You are only one person and can only do so much.

Don't get overwhelmed. Don't burn out. Look to achieve harmonic balance in life.