124. Time Wasters

There are some things that I rarely do now that I used to do in the past. Before I used to watch tons of TV, watch countless of random videos on YouTube, or read comments (not only is that a huge time waster, but severely spirit-numbing).  

Now I regard those things as being the anti-thesis of productivity. If I know I have a deadline to meet or if I have a goal that I'm trying to accomplish, there's absolutely no way that I can justify wasting 3 hours of my life trying to figure out whodunit on a murder mystery.

There are even things in my life that I never would've considered to be a time waster but have transformed into one.This may sound unbelievable to some but something as simple as doing my own hair has consumed too much of my time.

If I have a day to pamper myself, relax, and have fun, I may play around with my tresses. But, an every day occurrence? Nope. It's safe to say I am no longer against finding talented and trustworthy hair stylists to help me fill in the gaps. There's something about knowing you can relax in a chair, work on your book, or write a blog post that makes you feel good.

What I've learned is that when maximizing opportunities, we must find ways to outsource everyday actionable items so we can boost productivity. 

Some people may feel like hiring someone to do our hair or makeup, wash and vacuum our cars, mow our lawns, water our plants, move our furniture, or whatever else is an unnecessary expense and could soon add up. It's true. If you're shelving out dollars to fulfill your daily tasks, that could prove to be expensive. Or, could it? There are many alternatives. There are plenty of ways you can find help in your every day lives in order to preserve more time during the day and get more things done.   

An example I can think of is utilizing the help of my students at school. One of the major assets I've found at work is giving students an opportunity to help. They want to help, so why not let them?

I have a group of responsible kiddos who help organize closets, hang up information on the walls, run errands, sort and organize papers, prepare materials, and everything else in between. It's the reason why it's helpful that every teacher have class jobs to make each and every student responsible and also learn a sense of community. 

What if you aren't a teacher? What if you don't have anyone to do your hair on a regular basis? Think about family members. Think about little cousins who just want to come over your house, have a free meal, or play with your electronics? There are ways to find a mutual relationship where you can trade your service for theirs. But, the key here is service. The more you serve, the more people are willing to help you eliminate those time wasters threatening to put a dent into your productivity schedule. I said all of this to say,

Do what you can to eliminate unnecessary things that eat up your time. You need every moment to be productive, to work on your craft, and to serve others along the way. 

Evaluate some of the things you do that are considered time wasters. How can you eliminate them? Who could help you eliminate them? How will you serve those people willing to help in return? 

Until next time, be as productive as you possibly can be. Your craft is helping someone, and your gift is important to the world. How will we all be affected by your greatness if you haven't put in necessary time to see it flourish? Let's see it flourish. Stop wasting time.