121. Stop Sabotaging Yourself

I've had my fair share of challenges this week. Trying to juggle my independent projects with a full-time job hasn't been the easiest thing on the planet, but it's life. I've experienced lack of sleep, a pestering headache, and some mild irritation. But, I'm grateful. I make it known every day that I'm thankful to be on this journey, and that I'm not totally helpless. I don't have to dislike what I do if I make adjustments to the things that don't necessarily go my way.

  Photo credit:  john.schultz

Photo credit: john.schultz

This brings me to a point. I've noticed that most of the issues I've experienced -- especially being in the full swing of work again -- is due to something I can control. Go figure. The root of my challenges is simply a lack of preparation.

What does a lack of preparation look like? It looks like:

  • Not getting your clothes and lunch ready for the next day

  • Not making sure your desk area is cleaned before leaving your work space

  • Putting off items on the to do list and allowing them to pile up

  • Succumbing to peer pressure and leaving when everyone else does, even when work isn't finished

  • Not having all lessons and plans laid out for the next day

  • Starting the work day with a messy space

  • Not scheduling properly

  • Not prepping meals effectively

I could go on and on, but I think you get the point. The problem is in the lack of preparation. I have to manage this much better than what I've been doing, but the first step is acknowledgement. In the past, I would blame my job, co-workers, time, or some other external factor for the reason why I wasn't happy with my current opportunity. But, I have to admit -- it was me.

You must be willing to admit when you're the cause of your own unhappiness.

Don't allow limits to your success, especially when limitation can come from the work of your own hand. Don't sabotage yourself. Plan. Prepare. Start well. Push through. Be positive. Manage your time wisely. Finish strong. 

Sounds simple and formulaic, but it's the truth. 

My chief aim is not to complain about having a day job. My goal is not to be completely burnt out pursuing my dreams. My goal is to enjoy every moment, not complain, give my gift to the world, help other people, and simply live my life unchained. To live a life that my ancestors could've only dreamed of. I mean, I practically am. I just need to do a better job of making every second count and not being lax when it comes to day-to-day action.

So, with this in mind, I'm going to focus on solutions. I'm going to work on addressing all of those lack of preparation issues. I'm going to return to my lists, prepare effectively for work, and transition my mind to the dream when I get home. I thank the good Lord for giving me the knowledge and wisdom to see every assignment as an opportunity and not a burden. I'm blessed beyond imagination.