118. Stop Comparing Yourself to Other People

It caught me off guard. Made me stop all progress that Sunday evening. There I was pecking away at the computer --kind of like I'm doing now-- and my hubbs had the TV blaring. The sounds were white noise to me until one name stopped me in my tracks. I do one of those record-stopping, double takes like, "Wait, what? Did I just hear what I thought I heard? Yes, I did. And, I know that girl."

Really, I don't know her like that. I went to college with her and met her a few times around campus. I'm sure she doesn't remember me, and it's cool. I'm not one to claim I know people when I don't. Besides, the campus is 50,000+ strong. It's easy to not remember one who blends into the crowd. But, nevertheless, I remember HER. And apparently, the entire nation does too.

So, what am I talking about? Who am I talking about? The latter doesn't matter, but I will address the former. Apparently, this person who I met while we were both in college is getting her own show. I didn't know about her previous television appearances, but the moment I heard her name and saw her face, I had to do my own investigation, or e-catching up. I realized that she's an accomplished woman, still beautiful as ever, and is out there LIVING. 

However, I almost fell into a trap. I almost fell into the "What am I doing with myself?" question. My mind started to race about what I was not doing and how I could get to where I planned to go sooner. The voice of the Lord calmed me. I was reminded that my success was self-defined, my path personal, and my paced designed to fit me. I was also reminded that my relationship with the Heavenly Father was closer than ever. I have no reason to rush, feel rushed, or compare myself to anyone's journey.

I had to make this point. Sometimes we may see someone's nice pictures on social media, take in people's accomplishments, or witness them acquiring things that we may want ourselves. But, there're a few things we need to consider:

  1. We don't know what is happening behind every post, photo, or smile. We don't know what people are going through. And, if we walk around believing people are living perfection and are not dealing with their own sets of trials, then we'll start to believe the lie that maybe there's something in us that's inadequate. That's not true. Each and everyone of us is enough. Your gift is enough. Your path is enough. Your purpose is enough.

  2. Sometimes people want the look of someone else's success, but they don't actually want to go through all the work that's involved. This even took me a long time to figure out. Those people who are out here killing the game, on the NYT best-selling list, going on speaking tours, signing books, getting TV deals, etc., these people have put in the time, work, and effort. They've been through heartache, disappointment, negativity, and other obstacles that average folks don't want to deal with. If we really want something, we have to want the work that's involved too. 

  3. We are on our own unique path. We don't have time to look to the right of us or to the left of us trying to figure out how such and such "made it." The point is if we keep ourselves focused on our goals, stay positive, congratulate and be genuinely happy for people, soon and VERY soon, will we see our dreams come to fruition if we faint not. Don't faint.

I said all of this to say, stop comparing yourselves to other people. Stop taking someone else's success as a dig to your personal "failure." Let's be real, the only real success is someone finding what they're good at, using it to help other people, and overcoming each test and trial as it threaten to throw them off path. 

Other people's success should be inspiration for your own. Stop comparing yourself to others. Instead, uplift and support others, and keep being the best you that you can offer to this world.