100. Happy Friday Follow-Up and My 100th Post

Before I get into my post for the day, can I just take a second to celebrate my success? I have blogged for 100 straight days.

  photo credit:  LoraxGirl  via Flickr

photo credit: LoraxGirl via Flickr

That may not seem like much, but in reality, the only way to improve your craft -- especially writing -- is by practicing as much as you can. Immersing yourself in what you do makes all the difference in becoming an expert in your field. This is why I want to highlight this milestone.

Although I'm far from being an expert, my writing has gotten to a point where I don't have to think much in order to produce. It's 11 pm, one hour before I post this blog, and although I'm tired and up way past my bed time, my words are still flowing on the page like a river of lava scorching everything in its path. So, I have to first and foremost thank the good Lord for allowing me to recognize and operate in my gift. 

Can you believe I didn't even think writing was a gift? Sounds crazy, but it's true. There was a time where I thought everyone enjoyed writing. That writing came naturally to everyone, which meant I didn't have a real gift like other people. It's not true. In fact, I've found that what may come easy to me, may not necessarily come easy to the next person. That's why it's so important we cherish the things we do well. 

Now onto the main topic. I actually want to do a follow up to the "Happy Friday" post from last week. Last Friday, I wrote about "Happy Friday" people. Those are people who long for each day to be Friday because Monday through Thursday for them is stressed out, difficult, tiring...you get the point.

I wrote about a woman I ran into at the doctor's office who seemed to be upset that I said every day is Friday for me. It was the same woman who claimed that, because she had to work, she wasn't having a great day. But, can I tell you that I experienced a stark contrast within a week? 

I went to get my oil changed and the first thing the man said was "Good morning! How are you?" I responded with a pretty cheerful response, and I asked him how he was. Get this: The man said, "I get to work, so it's all good."

See what I mean? This man saw his job as a blessing and not a burden. His energy was infectious, especially for it to be 7 o'clock in the morning. The only difference between him and the other lady, was mindset. The way you perceive your situations will make all the difference in how you respond to them. 

The oil change guy's attitude reminded me of a saying by Dr. Eric Thomas. He says, "I don't 'got' to, I get to." Think about all the things this applies to:

I don't "got" to go to work, I get to go to work.

I don't "got" to serve you, I get to serve you.

I don't "got" to teach, I get to teach.

I don't "got" to write, I get to write.

I'm going to take a cue from the man changing my oil. I will continue thinking positively about every situation, regardless of what day it is. The oil change guy is living proof that every single day can feel like a Friday. It's another day to count our blessings.

Let's make the day count.