114. You Never Know Who's Watching

Once I heard my pastor say that we should be careful what we say or do because we could be the only example of Christ that a person could see. We never know how we may motivate someone to do something life-changing, inspire someone to live the life they've always desired, or help change a negative mindset. 

I think about this a lot. We really and truly don't know who's watching us. We don't know who's reading our blog, listening to our podcast, scrolling through our Instagram pictures, or following us via Twitter without officially hitting the button. 

I know. I used to be a lurker. I was that person who would faithfully go to a person's blog, read about their relatable misadventures, but I wouldn't respond. Although I'd connect with their writing, their personality, or their content, I didn't want to make myself known. 

The people I "unofficially" followed, people who've helped me as they dealt with their own challenges, triumphs, and lessons, probably didn't realize how many "visitors" like myself were actually impacted.

I said all of this to say, don't get discouraged. Just because someone doesn't compliment you out loud, give you a thumbs up on Facebook, follow you on Twitter or whatever else don't mean people aren't watching. It doesn't mean people aren't being changed by what you're offering to the world. Because, as I've said before, when you begin to fully operate in your gift, your gift won't stay hidden for long. Neither will you.

So, if you're a writer, write. If you're a photographer, take photos. If you're a musician, make the best music ever. If you're a model, strike a pose. If you want to tell your story, just tell it. Do not hold back what you're capable of doing just because it hasn't been validated. Validate yourself. Not only that but realize that in your consistency, dedication, talents, and hard work, that at least one person is changed -- you. Believe in yourself and continue to build. Who knows? You could be changing someone's life right now and not know it.

You must keep going. You never know who's watching.