113. Be Obsessed With Plan A

In the last couple of months, I've become enchanted with makeup videos. I've never enjoyed watching them before, and I always thought makeup was tedious and too much work. Then, while I was recovering from a major procedure, my face broke out and lo and behold I found myself searching for ways to cover my tiny breakouts while I worked on restoring my skin. 

That's when I stumbled upon a few vloggers that captivated me right away, one being a lovely YouTuber by the name of Teaira Walker. She has a sweet online persona, is absolutely stunning, and has an admirable mindset. She is the type to go after what she wants and, judging by her posts, gets it.

 Teaira Walker. Photo courtesy of Twitter

Teaira Walker. Photo courtesy of Twitter

I knew she was official the moment I saw a recent video entitled: My Secret to Accomplishing Any Goal. First of all, the title completely has me at hello. If you've been reading this blog, you know that I'm into going after our wildest dreams and aspirations. We only have one life to live, and sitting on our potential is not exactly the definition of living to the fullest. 

Secondly, in the video she references a book I often talk about: Think and Grow Rich. Most people I know who read that book undergo major life transformations. They are transformed in the way they think, behave, and even dream. I should know; it's changed my life. 

Then, there was this one comment that made me do one of those raised church hands, waving in the sky. She says at 5:13: 

Sometimes if you have a Plan B, it only distracts from your Plan A. If you have a Plan A, and you’re obsessed with Plan A, Plan A has no choice but to work.
— Teaira Walker

Ya'll. Ya'll. If that's not the realest thing I done heard all day, well I don't know what is. My goodness! I had to rewind that a couple of times because I felt that one deep. I completely understand what she means. 

Some people will take that statement the wrong way and probably think she's saying not to be prepared in life. That's not true. She's not saying to suddenly quit your job, uproot from your current residence, and move to Hollywood without a plan. No. All she's saying is be persistent.

The reason why it totally makes sense not to have a Plan B is because it's almost like a crutch. We want something to "fall back on" so that we can minimize risk, feel comfortable, and make excuses as to why we didn't achieve what we've always wanted. Well, I feel like you should get rid of the security blanket. Mapping out a vision and executing a plan sounds like a winner to me. We know if something isn't working, we can always tweak some of our steps, but if the goal is the same, the goal is the same. 

Moral to the story: Don't abandon your dreams just because your Plan A didn't seem to work the first time you tried it.

Become obsessed with your Plan A. If you plan to be a best-selling author of many books, figure out a plan to get there and stick to it. If you plan to be a high-powered attorney, don't get discouraged because you failed a test. Study harder and keep working at it. If you want to be a teacher, a coach, or a fitness expert, the goal remains the same. 

Become obsessed with Plan A. Put all your thought, time, and energy into what you plan to accomplish, and like Teaira says, "It has no choice BUT to work."