112. I've Discovered That "Thing"

I won't make any bold claims that I've figured out life. That would be completely absurd and ridiculous. Let's be real. None of us really know. Even the self-proclaimed gurus and experts on all things cannot explain away the intricacies and mysteries of life. Besides, as soon as we think we know how everything is supposed to go or turn out, God has a way of bringing us back to his divine plan and purpose for our lives.

However, there is something that I do know. I know that I've found that "thing." I have found "it." What is the "thing?" What is "it?" I cannot really explain it, so allow me to give it a shot. There is something on the inside of us that we're all meant to do. It's the thing that, when we fully operate in it, will separate us from the average Joes who haven't seemed to tap into it. 

It's our natural gift. It's our purpose. It's that one aspect of our lives that we were meant to fulfill. Ya'll, I think I've found that "thing." 

Every since I was little -- I talk about that a lot, don't I? -- I always knew I was supposed to do something with my life that wasn't average. I knew that the something had to include my strengths. I had to be writing, reading, researching, creating, producing, teaching, building, learning. Always learning.

Because I had all of those interests, I didn't think I was going to be able to narrow down my career to one thing. I was disheartened when teachers would tell me that I had to choose one major. I thought, "Why one? I'm interested in doing so much!" Soon I began a journey that I knew wouldn't be considered "normal." I knew for a fact that my path wasn't going to be straight. I knew I wouldn't walk down a long, endless road; I was bound to see rivers, lakes, forests, rugged terrains, mountain tops and valley lows. I knew I would uncover hidden treasures in a clearing that other people probably wouldn't find. 

I've found that clearing.

Once I realized that it was okay to create my own career, that I could merge all of my interests into fun projects, my entire outlook changed. I didn't have to just be a teacher. I could use my teaching, researching, writing, and creating skills to identify gaps and real challenges people faced, and create solutions for them. 

Do you understand how happy that makes me feel just to type these words? Literally, do you? I feel more free than I think I've ever been before, save for my early childhood moments of playing dress up and looking at bug cells through a microscope. 

This is where real joy comes from. Knowing exactly what you're supposed to be doing. So what no one "recognizes" you or your gift at the moment. Remember when I said your gift will make room for you? Well, it's the truth. Keep operating in your purpose and you're bound to attract people who could benefit from your unique services. 

Until next time, do not prevent yourself from finding true joy, from waking up every morning with purpose in your heart, a plan in your head, and a process in your steps.