99. Thankful Thursday #14: Shana Robinson

Right now, I'm feeling like Marvel's superheroine, Storm. It's like an electric current is flowing through my body, charging up my spirit, and sending an energy so uncontrollable it's hard to calm down.

This is what happens when you meet an electric lady.

  Shana Robinson. Learn more about her  here.  

Shana Robinson. Learn more about her here. 

I had the privilege of getting on a clarity call with a lovely woman by the name of Shana Robinson.

Shana is a speaker, workshop leader, and clarity coach who gave me advice on all the ideas swimming around in my head.

Not only did she give me practical implementation strategies, undeniable wisdom, and a fresh perspective, she left me feeling like I could accomplish anything. Can I just say how excited I am?

It's one thing to meet people. It's another thing to actually connect with those whose spirit aligns with yours. When I tell you I've met my spirit sister, please believe what I say. I've already blogged about how I'm at a point in my life where I'm focused on building deeper relationships and helping people, and this is exactly what I mean. 

Shana is just one of those people that wants to genuinely help you. I knew it the moment I picked up the phone. People, if you need to put your ideas, thoughts, and brand into perspective, please give her a call. It was one of the best decisions I've made in a long time.

Thank you Shana, and I am looking forward for what's to come.