79. The Trusty To Do List

I don't know about you, but whenever I have a day that's not as productive as I would like, I am very hard on myself. When I'm not utilizing what I like to call "life's billable hours," I know that I failed to do one important daily habit:

form the trusty to do list.

  photo credit:  Justin See

photo credit: Justin See

By nature, I live by a to do list. I am most productive when I wake up every day with a list of items that I can actively check off. I'm also one of those people who take a percentage of how much I did during the day. So if I have 10 items listed on my to do list and I only do 3 out of 10, then I put 30% at the bottom of the list.

What I ALWAYS strive for, day in and day out, is 120%. This means I not only want to reach my goal, but I want to SURPASS it!

I can't necessarily say that I was anything close to 120% today. However, I know that I would've went a whole lot further if I would've started my day writing out a list. I know my memory is not the sharpest tool in the shed, and sometimes we kid ourselves thinking we can go off of memory when it comes to what we need to accomplish during the day or week.

But, the only foolproof method of staying on track is with a to do list to keep you in check.

It's something about checking items off your to do list that make you feel good about yourself. I always feel this way when I reach the final item and I can say to myself, "What else can I do today?"

Following a list gives you momentum when you realize how much you can do when you are lazer-focused on your goals.

So, I challenge you today to not be like me. Don't just sit for HOURS watching various makeup videos, buying products in the store, and shaking my head at the latest tweets from a certain someone who will not be named that's currently in our executive branch. *insert exhaling emoji here.*

Until next time,

get those action lists together and be productive.