98. Satisfy the Craving

I want you to imagine this scenario. For the past 10 years, all you've eaten is one type of food. It's a food that, although you like, you're tired of because you've had it every single day for 10 straight years. For me, this would be something like spaghetti. In fact, I have a small amount of spaghetti resting in a pot that I'm about ready to dispose in any minute now.

  photo credit:  Roel Driever

photo credit: Roel Driever

Yes, I do like spaghetti, but if I had to eat it every single day, I'm pretty sure I would get sick of it.

Then imagine if one day, you somehow get a taste of a different food. Let's say this food is a type of dessert. You've never had this dessert before and, since all you've eaten was spaghetti and nothing else, this dessert intrigues you. This dessert smells intoxicating, is pleasing to the eye, and seems very satisfying.

 photo credit:  Chris Goldberg

photo credit: Chris Goldberg

For me, I'm imagining a favorite dessert of mine -- a warm brownie or cookie topped with some ice cold vanilla icecream. (If you're on a diet at the moment, I'm so sorry. I'm just trying to make a point. I'll tie it in later; I promise).

Somehow, you're given an opportunity to taste this dessert. You grab a fork, spoon, or another utensil and take a bite. It's moist, sweet, tasty, warm, chocolatey -- you get the picture. However, it's only a sample. You know there has to be more somewhere, but you're only able to get a small piece. So, you ask for more. 

Now imagine if the person with the sample says, "I'm sorry, but you have to pay for the rest. There's plenty of this dessert, but I can no longer just hand it to you." For some reason, this upsets you. You know that you don't have any money, but you can't help to think about a few things.

For one, you finally had something other than spaghetti, and it tasted so good. For two, you are tired of eating the same thing and you realize you can have variety in your life. Three, you might not have the money to pay for what you want, but now that you've gotten a taste of it, you are determined to get more.

That's how freedom and purpose is. Once you taste the freedom of walking in your purpose, you'll be willing to pay any cost and use every effort within you to satisfy that craving. 

I enjoy the small glimpses that God gives me. It’s almost like I’ve received a small, yet delicious sample of food in a store. It tastes good, but I’m not satisfied. Now, I have to purchase the box and keep it stashed in the house. That’s how my dream is. I’ve tasted it, but I want more. And when I say more, I’m not just talking in terms of income. We’re talking purpose and having a fulfilling life.
— A. Denefield Jones

I know I'm on the right path in life. It just feels right. But, I also know it's a journey, and I'm currently at a temporary place.

I want to break away from a stifling 9-5 and pursue the gifts that I've been blessed with. It's a lifelong dream. 

I'm craving something more, and no it's not a warm fudge brownie, topped with vanilla icecream. It's a type of life that I've always known I would live. It's a life I'm living in this current moment, but a life I'm going to have to fight for once I return to my old, "normal" routine. As God as my witness, I will not settle for old and "normal."

I will not settle for routine and dissatisfaction. 

I am going to satisfy my craving by any means necessary. If I have to take the risk, I will. If I have to invest in me, I will. If I have to sever ties with regressive mindsets, I will.

I am prepared to do whatever I have to in order to satisfy my craving for an abundant life I can experience each and every day.