96. Crying Over Spilled Water...Yeah, You Read That Right

The other day, I went to an alkaline water station to refill one of my empty jugs. After filling the water to the brim, placing it onto a basket, and wheeling the full jug to my car, I edged the basket too close to the curb. Needless to say, the water jug toppled over. The jug hit the concrete with a brute force, denting the bottle, breaking the dispenser, and spilling water everywhere.

photo credit: Arlington County This is how I felt on the sidewalk

photo credit: Arlington County

This is how I felt on the sidewalk

For a second I stood there watching as the water spilled onto the sidewalk and flowed underneath people's cars. But,

instead of panicking and getting upset, I decided to change my mindset.

My gut reaction wanted to count my loss and leave. But I said to myself, "You paid for something that is beneficial to you, so why give up on it? Do something to make it work." 

That's what I did. I came up with a solution. I used my hands to prevent more water from coming out, walked toward the store, and sought help. Fortunately the store clerk, seeing my struggles, ran out to assist me. He fixed my jug and allowed me a free refill.

I decided not to give up, kept moving, and the universe responded to my positive actions and thought vibrations!

Now here's the question: How many of us would've had a melt-down because of those circumstances? How many of us would've counted that as a bad day and allowed that to sour our mood? It's all about mindset.

It's not always about what happens to us; it's also about how we choose to respond. 

I, just like you, am human and have good days and not so good days. But, I will admit that a lot of times the way I react to my not so good moments makes all the difference in how I bounce back.

When I realize that I cannot control everything and that extenuating circumstances do happen, I do my best to change my thought process and not take life so hard.

As I've said for the past few posts, the goal here is to find joy in every day life, and once we change the way we think about things, we'll start to see a transformation in ourselves that strengthens us. 

So, don't give up, seek help when you need it, and don't melt down after every mishap. It's okay to have an emotion but don't dwell there.

Get up, change your mindset and keep moving forward.