94. Exploring the Greatness Within

Here I go again. Dreaming big. Getting myself all worked up. I find myself in these places a lot. I'll be working on a project -- currently wrapping up Hot Like Fire -- and I'll hear or see something that'll put something in my spirit. 

I cannot describe it to you, but I've always known that greatness is upon me (yes, that's a Dr. Eric Thomas book and course I'm currently on at the moment). Maybe it was the seed sown into me by family members, teachers, or other adults, but I've always known that I would "do" something. I knew that the something wouldn't be average either.

Although I have done things like received an Emmy Award for producing on a television show, taught in schools, created e-learning courses as an instructional designer and tech writer, I still haven't felt like I've really and truly hit that groove with my calling. 

However, I know that I'm on the cusp of something great. And, I won't give up until I explore the greatness within me.

I won't cease chasing after those things I strongly desire because it honestly feels like they're chasing me. I don't even care that my dreams are so big that it may seem impossible to others. Never mind that my dream is on some "Netflix putting Blockbuster out of business" type level. I'm just prepared to reach deep down within myself and pull out the best part of God's creation.

What I plan to do with my life goes so far beyond becoming a best-selling author. It's an empire dream fueled by a kingdom mindset.

And right now, I'm so wired up it feels like an electrical charge is racing through my body. I know this is all going to be one long journey, but I can guarantee you that the results of it all will manifest into something beyond my wildest dreams.

Books. Media. Publishing. Digital Learning. Educational programs. Scholarships. Charitable organizations.

And the list will go on. I can't explain it now. It's one big jumble of a mess in my head. But, when it all comes together and I become the walking definition of my ancestors' wildest dreams, it'll be something out of a fairytale. 

 photo credit: Ava Duvernay Facebook  The incomparable Ava Duvernay. #Goals

photo credit: Ava Duvernay Facebook

The incomparable Ava Duvernay. #Goals

It's Saturday February 25, 2017. I'm typing this because I need you to