93. When Every Day is Friday

"Happy Friday!" A woman greeted me with a wide smile at the doctor's office.

I returned a cheerful disposition and replied, "Everyday's Friday for me, so I'm happy either way." 

The woman's smile faded. She looked away. "Well, not for us," she informed me. "We have to work."

Silence. Awkward, might I add. For a split second, I felt bad. Here I am waking up with an unrestrained freedom to live in abundance, doing what I absolutely love to do: read, write, inspire, encourage, be creative, live on purpose, and

here's a woman who feels like the only time she can be happy is on a Friday. 

After thinking about it for a while, I erased my guilt. What am I feeling sorry for? For choosing to enjoy life every single day? For not waiting for one day out of the week to experience joy? No, I will not feel sorry. I refuse. I am not going back to that life again. 

Let me explain something. There was a time when I was just like the "Happy Friday" woman. I had panic attacks on Sundays while dreading Mondays. I became overwhelmed during the week, often getting to my job super early and leaving much later.

I would be burned out by Thursday and looking forward to Friday. 

Even co-workers would be in on the Friday talk. The first thing they would say in the morning:

"Only four more days until Friday..."

"Only three more days until Friday..."

"Only two more..."

"Only one..."

"Happy Friday!"

Can I make a confession? I don't want to be a part of that conversation. I don't want to limit my happiness. I understand that we can't control our day-to-day circumstances. I get the fact that we have many extenuating circumstances on our job that stresses us out, may put us in a mood, or discourage us from living the life we want. But, let's be clear. Our today doesn't have to be forever. 

We can decide to make little choices in our lives to find that sliver of hope to keep us moving each day.

When my job used to stress me out, I began revisiting the things that actually made me happy. During the week I would:

  1. Go to the bookstore and buy new books

  2. Wake up early to workout

  3. Take a walk in Hermann Park 

  4. Go to Bible Study

  5. Get lost in a book at home

  6. Eat out

  7. Go to a random concert

  8. etc.

I did not wait to enjoy myself. I found a way to do it. Again, I'm not doubting that folks have very real issues or stressful jobs that may add a layer of dissatisfaction to their life. But, I'm suggesting that we need to focus on finding the joy in our every day lives. 

Every day won't be easy, but each day should be cherished.