92. Thankful Thursday #13: Validating Myself

For the second day in a row I've had the following comment on my Instagram: "Hey, do you want more followers? Go to my page!" I generally do not respond to messages like that because I don't want to waste any unnecessary energy explaining to each "individual" why I would never do this. However, I figured I would take some time to address this here on a one-time basis because it falls in line with a bigger issue.

I've noticed that there has been talk about people online who pay for or borrow followers. It seems that many people are more concerned about the appearance of success than they are about their actual craft, product, or service.

It also seems like many people's self-worth is tied in likes and retweets. 

What good is it to "borrow" or buy a list of people to follow me who are not organically drawn to the messages I put into the atmosphere? Those people may not be of the same mindset, not have the same spirit energy that I posses, or simply won't be engaged. 

I am not ashamed to say that I'm a little obscure personality in my own little shadowy corner online. I am not ashamed to say that my follower count is in the teens. You know why this doesn't bother me? Because

I'm not imprisoned by other people's perception of me, neither am I thirsty for attention.

I've had the "spotlight" on me before, and I didn't like it. It actually sent me to a low place. I'm perfectly okay with organic processes and people who are more concerned about what I write rather than liking an endless barrage of my selfies on Instagram (and this is not a dig to anyone who does. I'm just not into this). 

I'm looking for deeper relationships and spiritual elevation and not blind followers.  

This is one of the reasons why I believe people don't live their full potential. They're too scared of the brick-by-brick method of servicing one new customer/client/reader at a time. It's not quick enough. It requires too much patience. They want an influx of support or success as if they were a store opening its door to a mob of eager buyers on Black Friday. Me?

I believe that if you build it, they will come. People won't necessarily come because of you, but they will be drawn to your gift that feeds their soul.

So, no. I don't want your followers. No, I don't care about being popular. No I don't care about living in utter obscurity. I know that my pursuits for success will not allow me to stay hidden for too long. That both inspires me and frightens me at the same time.

I know my abilities, my potential, and what I'm capable of doing. I've had the experience before and bowed out before it had a chance to explode (Trust me, things were about to explode). I wasn't prepared mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. That's why I choose the slow and steady path.

I want to connect with people on a level that plunges so deep, the surface is no longer visible. 

Forget the whole concept of getting people to "follow" you. Focus more on using your gifts and talents to help people. Folks won't hesitate to flock to you at that point.